Monday, May 9, 2011

The Blog Design

To all who have been reading this blog,
I am a blog novice for that matter a computer novice.  Yes I am a 27 year old computer dummy.  I am so behind the times that my cell phone is a flip phone with no texting on my cell plan.  Please don't laugh at me, which is what some one did when I told them when I did not have a facebook page.  I am attempting to learn how to design a blog.  I have no editing program on my computer but I think I will invest in one.  The changes of the appearance of this blog may be often so check in just to see what it looks like.  It might be good for a laugh.  I seem to be a closet perfectionist and once I start something I am bound to see that it is done the way I intend it to be.  You probably would not guess that by looking at the inside of my house. With 3 kids it is a wonder I find the time to do this at all.  But back to the point I will be on a mission to make this a "cool" blog. So remember these days when Rose had no idea what she was doing.  I hope it won't last long.

If there is anyone out there that knows how to design a blog and has some advice for me tell me please.  I would love it.

Thank you.

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