Monday, May 9, 2011

Make a Business Card Holder from a Altoids Tin

The cute purses above started as Altoids tins.  The tutorial is called How To Make a Business Card Holder but I have thought of some more uses. 
  • Business Card Holder
  • Wallet
  • Dress up purse for a little girl
  • Coin purse
  • Tampon or pantie liner case
  • Make one to match a prom dress
  • It might fit cigarettes and a lighter ( I don't smoke so I can't know for sure )
Heather and I had so much fun making them and as soon as my 7 year old girl saw it she had to have one! 

The List of Supplies
1: Mint Tins
2: Hot Glue
3: Sewing Shears
4: Four cut pieces of felt the size of the top and bottom face of your mint box.
5: Cut two pieces of fabric about the size of the top and bottom of your tin but a bit larger because the fabric has to wrap around the sides of the tin too. 
6: 1/4 inch width ribbon 
7: Rhinestone's to embellish

Measure the top of your box, the Altoids box we used was 3 1/2 " x 2 1/2". Your piece of fabric dose not have to be exact; you can trim off excess material to fit your box as you go.

Once you have your 4 pieces of felt cut out glue two pieces together. Then glue the other two pieces together. You have 2  thick pads to glue to the lid and bottom of the tin.

Glue the felt to the top and bottom of the tin.

Next you need to cut out the fabric to cover your tin.  Make sure the fabric is wide enough to cover the sides. The lid needs a smaller piece of fabric than the bottom because it is not as deep on the sides.

Glue the fabric to the felt covered lid.

Once you get it to the edge of lid glue it down, being careful not to glue any on the lip of the lid. That is so you can still open and close the tin when you are finished.

Glue the bottom fabric on. Do the same around the sides of the tin.

Next glue the ribbon around the top and bottom of the sides of the tin.

Now you can embellish any way you like.  Add rhinestones or a bow.  Don't forget the handle if you want to make it a purse.
We hope you like this project as much as we did.

If you make one please share it on our Flickr group. We love seeing what everyone makes!


  1. Love love love this idea! Animal print is to die for isn't it? I am your newest follower and just wanted to let you know, i'll be featuring your altoids purse on my first ever TooT {Tute} Thursday at

  2. Very, very cute! I love the animal print. Thanks for the idea

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