Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zebra Romper Tutorial, Do Zebras eat pizza?

I will start by telling you why Georgia has pizza.  I grabbed a
slice from the fridge right before going outside to take pictures.
Georgia saw the yummy slice in my hand and pointed to it with
enthusiasm so as I offered her a bite.  She took the whole slice and when I tried to take it back, she would not lett go of the pizza.  So that is how I discovered zebras do indeed eat pizza.

For this romper I  just took one of her rompers from her wardrobe and
used it as a pattern.  Before you cut, find out which way the fleece
stretches. The fabric will have a stretch to it when pulled one way and
none when pulled the other way.  You want the outfit to stretch across
the body of the suit. ( width wide, not length wide)

Take and fold your romper in half tucking the arms in.

Fold you Fleece,  lay the romper over the fabric folded edges together.

Trace and cut out 2 halfs. leaving 1/2 inch seam allowance..

Next you need to cut a rectangle 3 inches longer and 2 1/2 inches
wider then the inseam for the pant legs.

Lay your sleeves the same way you did the body of the romper on
the fabric, trace and cut.

Start with the inseam on the legs. pin the rectangle, right sides
together, to the pant leg lining up the center and sew along the
inside seam.

Once you have sewn the seam you will turn the rectangle to the inside
of the romper.

Like shone.

The front half of the romper inseam is sewn different then the back. I show you how to sew the front first.   ( you will see)

Trim the edges of the rectangle pin and sew around the outside edge.

That is it for the front.

For the back half, you start the same way you did for the front. But
when you turn the rectangle in you don't turn it all the way. Like the
pictures shown below, Just fold the fabric up to the seam  not
overlapping it.

Pin it here. Sewing the around crotch is a bit tricky, but not to hard.

When you are done it will look like this.

Now sew your two body halves right side together along the top shoulder and the sides.

The next step is the sleeves. Sew along the bottom seam right sides
together then turn them right side out. 

Place them inside the sleeve opening of the romper.  The romper is
still inside out.  So the sleeves are lined up seam to seam with the
romper and right sides together.

Sew along this edge repeating on the other sleeve.

For the neck I first made sure it went over Georgia's head. Then
folded the fabric down twice to finish the edge, pin and sew.
(Note...  there may be a better way like sewing some jersey fabric
over the opening for a finished edge, When I sew I go for easy and
quick.  Nobody ever said to me my cloths were sewn wrong.  So,
sew any way that works for you.

If you are using a romper with snaps then look at it to use as a guide for placing the snaps. 

For the hat you can find the tutorial here.


  1. Georgia is absolutely adorable! & you did such an awesome job on her costume!

  2. o my goodness....that is the cutest zebra i have ever seen!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!:)

  3. i featured this on Tell ME Tuesday!!
    come grab a button if you would like:)


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