Sunday, September 11, 2011

We were given the Versatile Blogger Award!

How fun is this! Never would we think we would get an award like this...
The Tshirt Dress was the first thing we saw and feel in love with on your blog!

There are some Rules with this Award:

Rule 1: Thank the person who gave you the award. :) Plus Link back to them in your post.

Thanks so much Jos for giving us the Veratile Blogger Award! We espically have to say your Lace Lamp is one of our favorites! I (Heather) have a lamp that needs a new look and the lace looks great!

Check out her blog, Sew, Cook, Laugh & Live, there are some amazing ideas over there!

Rule 2: Share 7 things about yourself... 


1. I work part time at a grocery store, yes I work there and make time to sew and craft for myself and make time to do things for our Etsy shop.
2. I have a huge weakness for Tostitos Tortilla Chips and Salsa Con Queso... By the way I am enjoying some right now!
3.  My Bologna sandwich has to be a certain way or its not good, Wheat Bread - Miracle Whip -Mustard- Bologna- Miracle Whip - Cheese - Miracle Whip - Bologna - Miracle Whip -Cheese- Miracle Whip - Mustard - Wheat Bread... DONE! 
4. I've been making baskets since I was 10 years old... But crafting way before
5. I have been told I was born at the Model Airplane Field, only because its been in my life FOREVER and it still is with Andrews flying career.
6. I miss My Horse Caydee, she lives in Illinois with my parents, hate that I can't see her everyday. :(  Plus I miss our other dog Bashful, she only lived to be 3... she passed due to Addison's Disease....
7. Fluffanutter Sandwiches are my 10pm snack! So get me to bed before 10pm!!!!


1. I look like I am 18, but I am 28 years old.
2. I have been married to Joe, my husband, for 8 years
3. We have three kids together.
4. I can't forget my 2 pets, Jello, my black lab, and Sophi, a small Pomeranian.
5. I am a licensed Cosmetologist in the state of Michigan.
6. I love coffee, I'm a bad speller, and if you find any spelling mistakes in my blogging don't point it out I am sure there are plenty.
7. After my kids are in bed at 8:30 pm on school nights I collapse on the couch, usually with a glass of wine.

Heather & Rose:

We love to Craft and Drink our Wine together for a Crazy Craft Night!

Rule 3: Pass the award on to 15 blogs (that were recently discovered - and contact them to let them know)

Check out all these blogs, They all have amazing crafts, food, sewing, diy, the list just goes on!!
Congrats to you all, you deserve the Award.


  1. Congratulations to you! I feel honored to be listed with these great blogs! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the award :) I appreciate being in the same category as these other great bloggers!


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