Friday, July 1, 2011

The Trip

Well I am here, in Michigan, safe and sound with my three kids.  I'm not sure if any one cares about the travel experiences of a mother and her kids but I am going to tell it any way, I am sure that there are a few others who have similar stories and need a good laugh or just to put a smile on their face.  It went pretty smooth but for a few things.  First going through security at the airport was nerve racking to say the least. Trying to get shoes, bags, backpacks, stroller, car seat, on the belt while holding a 10 month old was challenging. The stroller would not fit threw the X-ray machine  and the guard wanted me to carry it over to another machine.  Like I could do that with a baby in my arms and my other 2 kids who were all ready through Security waiting by themselves for me. Go figure, I kept setting of the alarm!!! After sending me and Georgia through the metal detector 5 times they wanted to pat me down, all the while my two other children are still waiting for me in tears because they are by themselves watching mom be put through the security rigamarole!! Once I get through that, Security has to test all the things in the diaper bag for the baby which took a little while, finally we were off to your gate. There  I met a woman traveling with her 5 kids all under the age of 10, I did not feel so bad after that.  Now my little one Georgia is getting older (11 months) and as any mom knows that the stinky in the diaper gets pretty bad sometimes, and Georgia is no exception.  One of my worst fears was, she would poo right before we boarded or right after take off and well... she did, during take off.  Then after the drinks were served my 5 year old son spilled his whole cup of Sprite in his lap, he was soaked!! I thought I would changed him once we got into Denver but the luggage got checked at the gate because the plane was so full and it was sent to our final destination, oh well it dried.  We had a 3 hour lay over so we got some dinner and things at the airport went smooth.  The next flight was good, it was long and the kids had their moments but all in all it went well, a nice person traded seats with me so I could sit with the kids. When we got in to Detroit we were all tired it was 1:00 a.m, Michigan time.  We have been having a good time, seeing family, swimming and beautiful weather.  I hope you all have a wonderful summer. 


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