Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rag Curls

One time my 92 year old Grandmother asked if I ever put rag curls in Evelyn's hair. I asked what are rag curls?
She told me to tie socks in her hair and have her sleep in them so I did and they came out so pretty. When they came out they were tight but by mid afternoon they were perfect.  Evelyn's hair is long, down to the middle of her back, and bone straight.  So it is so hard to keep a curl in her hair.  But these stayed in her hair to the next day.

We all have seen the twisty rollers you can by and put in your hair, but why spend the money on those when every one has socks?  The hair has to be clean and damp,not soaking wet. Start at the bottom of the head near the neck and role the hair starting at the ends up to the scalp.  Then tie the sock in a not. Oh yea, the socks can't be too thick or it will be hard to tie and too bulky in the hair.  Once done let dry completely.  Sleep in them or sit under a hooded dryer.  Remove the socks and enjoy the curls.

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  1. My Mom would rip old sheets into strips so that she would have enough to put our hair up in the rags. Really works and easy to sleep on. done many times


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