Friday, June 10, 2011

My Story

This is me (Rose) and I am going to share with you the sweet story of my love.

I have been married to the love of my life for 8 years now. But I have not always known this would be the way I would feel about my life. I met my husband when I was 18 years old,  I was a hair stylist working at Fantastic Sam's in Lincoln Park, Michigan; when this cute guy came and sat in my chair. He was looking quite "hot" in his motorcycle helmet and jacket, his smile was an instant heart pounding thrill.  I knew I had to have more of this guy, and sure enough he thought the same of me!  A couple weeks later he was back in my salon chair asking me out, our first date was miniature golfing.  We started dating and to say the least we were driven more by our hormones then our heads. I became pregnant after 4 month of dating, not the thing any teen wants to tell their parents especially if your dad is a Christian Minister; yes I am a P.K."pastors kid". Not good for my boyfriend either, so we found our selves faced with a decision.  What do we do?  I spent many nights crying wishing I made different choices, but I knew I would do no harm to my child, I would do all it took to be the best I could for this child.  Joe (my husband) felt the same way and he asked me to marry him,we had no idea what we were getting into. We both made the decision to "grow up".  At 19 years old I got married to a man I knew for only 7 months. (even though it worked for me, I do not recommend this) To be honest Joe and I had little in common, we liked different things,  it was hard living with a stranger. But then our beautiful baby girl was born.  I never knew love until I saw her.  For Joe and I this little girl was the number one priority in our life.  When she was 2 years old I gave birth to our son, and we appeared to be this young trendy couple with a cute family.  But it became apparent to us we never took the time to have a relationship.  We set  our pride aside and made it a priority to "Date Each Other".  This was a great thing because we learned we would chose each other in spite of the circumstances that led to our getting married in the first place.    And you know what, for the first time I was able to see my husband in a way that amazed me.  I knew he was an honorable man, faithful and loyal, we just needed to take the time to fall in love with each other. He really is the kind of husband that all women would love to have. He looks after his family and takes care of us.  As we journeyed through our marriage we discovered what amazing people each other were.  We stopped thinking about our selves and our personal needs and started thinking about how to meet each others needs. We discovered our own needs for love and exceptions got met.  Joe and I decided to get married again in front of our family to show all that knew us we truly loved and respected each other.   When we first got married, 8 years ago, we were young and rushed into it, ( for many people this sounds like a good excuse for a divorce when things get hard) but for us we made it our love story and I think it is a beautiful one. For better or worse June 6, 2009 we said our "I Do's" again.  Every day I fall more in love with my husband, he is the most hard working man I have ever known. Everywhere he goes people recognize his talents and hard work.  Everything he does he dose with pride and integrity, I am humbled by his commitment to doing things well, the respect I have for him is unmeasurable.  Now we have 3 kids,    2 girls and a boy.  The story of our life and family continues, I am happy to see how it will go.

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