Friday, June 3, 2011

The "Kim" Headband

I am affectionately calling this headband the "Kim" after Kim Kardashian.
I am so proud of this one so I had to share it along with some directions on how to wear it.
First hold the band up with the flower on the side you want to wear it.  Check to see if  the chains are tangled if so untangle them before moving on.

Start to open up the band and hold it by the chain and flower on ether side of the headband.

Now lift it over and behind your head so the chains are draped along the back of your head.
The next thing is to tuck the ends of the wire under your hair.  Holding the wire over the top of your head allowing the headband to rest on the top of your head, use your index (pointer) finger to lift your hair up while you slide the ends under.  It might take a little practice to get the knack.  But don't worry this will be the best headband you ever wore.  It feels so light you will forget you have a headband in your hair. I wore this one to the store and the cashier complimented me on my headband, I had forgotten I was wearing one!! If you are interested in our headbands just click on our store. .

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