Sunday, June 26, 2011

Going Home For a Little While

This Tuesday I, Rose, will be leaving Utah for 5 weeks!  I am so happy to be going home to Michigan to my friends and family for a visit.  I fly out with my 3 kids all by myself with a 3&1/2 hour lay over in Denver.  I will report on how it goes.  It is not that I don't like Utah but... I don't like Utah.  Sorry to all you Utahans out there.  I am just home sick.  So any way, Heather is also taking a trip back home but a couple weeks after I leave. First, she will going to visit her parents in Illinois, then head to  Muncie, Indiana were the 2011 F3A FAI World Championship is taking place.  Andrew, her boyfriend, is competing in this and he is also the team captain. He is one of the best RC Pilots in the world.  You can expect to hear all about that too.  To get to my point, things are going to busy for us and we may not get to post often.  We both might be going through crafting withdrawals. But we will be posting as we find things to blog about and make along the way.

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