Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How To Sew A Nursing Cover

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I (Rose) am the mom of three beautiful kids.  And I have found this to be the best idea for a breast feeding mom I have ever heard of in a very long time.. Since buying nursing covers can get pricey making one is easy and cost effective, not to mention that this would be a wonderful baby shower gift. 
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First you need to get the right cloth. You should always use 100% cotton fabric, quilters weight or home decor weight.
You need a yard and a 1/4 of fabric.  If you want a wider cover to decrease the risk of exposing get yourself a yard and 1/2.
D-rings, you can find them at craft stores
Yard Stick
Marking Pen
16" of boning, you can buy at Joann's

First pre-wash you fabric and iron. Next measure a 3 1/2 inch strip along the bottom width of your fabric and cut. Measure 14 inches from that strip and cut. You now have 2 strips one 14" the other about 29". Fold the strips right sides together, pin and sew a 1/4" seam allowance leaving the ends open.

Turn the strip right side out using a safety pin turning it in towards and pushing it threw the strip of fabric.

Press the seam open. Fold the raw end in on one side of the long strip and  top stitch closed.
 Do not finish the other ends on the strips. You will see why.

Take the short strip and slide the D-rings on the strip fold the strip in half and sew as close to the D-rings as you can. This keeps them from sliding around.

Now take the body of fabric fold and press a 1/2 inch hem across the top with of the fabric. Unfold the hem and find the center of your fabric and mark it.

Cut 16" of boning and push a half inch of the plastic top and snip it then tuck it back in the cloth casing.
 Center the boning on the mark on your fabric edge lay the boning flat and pin in place on .

Tack the edge on the boning in place on both ends using a zigzag stitch. This keeps the boning from moving around when sewing.

Place the raw ends of the straps along the hem next to the end of the boning.  Fold down the hem and pin the straps into place. Pin and sew the hem all the way across the bottom edge being careful not to catch the boning with the sewing needle.

Now fold the straps up and pin. Sew along the seam over the straps, not catching the boning in the stitch.

The last step is to hem all the way around the edge of the  material and sew to finish the nursing cover.

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