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Retro Hair With Finger Waves

Hi to all our followers, and to those just stopping by, (happy to have you here) we have done your first ever guest blog :-D
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This hair style is so fun and beautiful. You can have fun with it, dress it up or down it's up to you. The finger waves are a throw back to the 1920s but with a modern twist.  First I'll tell you how to do finger waves.

What you will need...
Wet and Clean hair ( You can do finger waves on all most any length hair short or long)
Strong hold hair gel.
Duck bill clips or double prong clips.  If you don't have these then you can use bobby pins.
Last you need a comb.

Smooth the hair gel into the hair.  Use a lot of gel  in the area the finger waves will go.  The hair will almost feel saturated with hair gel. In the back of your head you wont need to put much gel at all, just a little.

Here is he part it gets technical.  First you need to part your hair in a straight line where ever you like it to be.  Comb the hair straight,  then take the comb place the teeth of the comb in your hair close to the part in your hair.  Take the comb and slide it forward, dragging it in your hair over about an inch.

The next step is to place your finger over the curve in the hair where the comb was sitting.  Hold the hair in place like shown in the picture.

Place the comb under you finger, with the teeth of the comb grabbing the hair and drag the comb back in the other direction. Don't let up you finger while you do this.  You must hold the S wave secure with you fingers and the comb.

Now you have your first wave, place your other finger in the hair over the comb to hold the hair in its positon.
Do the same step with the comb again and pull the hair on the other side of you second finger towards your face.
Now is when the clips come in.  Use the clips to secure the wave pattern.

The clips should be placed in the wave the direction the wave is going.

Repeat all the steps, placing waves until you reach behind the top of your ear.
do the same proses on the other side of your head...

Now you must do something with the back of your hair.  Take sections into your hand, comb them straight raise the hair over your head and start to wrap the ends of your hair under. Roll the hair using your fingers all the way down to the scalp.  Pin the loop of hair into place on both sides.

Repeat this step until all of the hair has been rolled and pined.

This must dry now.  You have a few options of doing this.  If you have a hooded dryer then sit under it on high until dry,  use a blow dryer on low so it wont blow all you hair out, or a diffuser on the end of your dryer, lastly you can sleep in it.  Just wrap a handkerchief or a nylon stocking around the finger waves so the  don't get disturbed. 

When the hair is all dry you can take the clips out, the waves should be held in place by the hair gel.

It is kind of cute just like this.

The last thing is to comb it out.  In the back just separate the curls with your fingers.
  Use a little hairspray if needed but have fun. Enjoy your hair. 
"A woman's hair is her joy."


  1. Very pretty hair. I will have to try it out. Great Job :)


  2. fantastic thank you for this great tute, I have long hair and keep wondering what I can do for a different look I will give this a go thanks again take care Nicole


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