Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 3 Minute UP DO

The 3 minute up do is one that I do all the time when I don't know what else to do with my hair.  But the best thing about it is i can pick one of  the many unique headbands we make to wear in it.  

Come check our store to see all the neat things you can do with this headband.

For the up do I will start with a tip.  When you are doing an up do all ways start with clean hair!  As a hairstylist I hate it when people are told they need dirty hair to make an up do last.  Who ever tells you that before you come to me for a style, I will wash your hair first.. A good stylist has may tricks up her sleeve to make your hair stay.  One is Back Combing.  You should do this every time you do an up do.

You don't need to curl or straighten your hair for this up do.  Just let your hair air dry.  Take a comb and hold it 2 or 3 inches form your scalp and rapidly move your comb up and down. Do this in sections all the way up your head.

See how full and thick my hair looks.

Using a hair tie pull your hair up in a louse pony tail but don't pull all the ends of your hair threw the hair tie. it will look like a messy bun.

Make sure the hair is loose.

Start by taking the long peaces of hair and pinning them with bobby pins.

To hide the ends of the hair I wrap the ends around the bobby pin and then tuck the pin down under the hair at the scalp.

Take and shape the hair the way you like with you fingers and just keep pinning your hair until it looks the way you like it.

Don't forget to finish it with a flower


  1. cute, looks simple enough that I might just try this

  2. Very pretty! Thanks so much for sharing!! I am visiting from Reasons To Skip The Housework and I am a new follower!! I hope you have a great week and I hope to see you around soo!!

  3. Cute cute! I love your tips on how to do an up do better! I generally just throw up a ponytail and always wish I knew something more unique! Will absolutely try this :) My first visit to your blog- you are both very talented!

  4. Super duper cute! I'll have to see if my hair is long enough.

  5. Cute! Makes me wish for longer haiR! Stopping by from What I Made Wednesday.

  6. My hair is 4 feet long. This won't work for me. Good job, though.

  7. Super cute! I love a fun updo that is quick.


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