Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Make Picture Frame Magnates.

This is a fun little craft you can do with the kids for a fathers day gift, or a graduation party collage,  moms and grandmas would love it too.
What you need is:
 spray paint
bottle caps (the twist off kind work best because the wont be all bent up), baby food jar lids, or even the top of a soup can after you remove with your can opener (there are the new can openers that take the top off  without sharp edges to get cut on)
Mod Podge
photographs of you favorite people or pets
 Then take your caps and lids outside lay some paper down and start spray painting.

While the paint is drying go inside get ready for the next step. Use an extra lid to trace around around the pictures you picked out and cut them a little smaller so they will fit in the frame.

Once your lids are dry put down a layer of glue and place your picture in the frame then apply another layer of glue on top of the picture.  Once that is dry you can glue the magnates in the back with E-6000 glue. You could make pins or thumb tacks too if you like.


Heather & Rose

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