Monday, June 6, 2011

How To Make a Beaded Flower

Silver Beaded Headband it can also be worn in an updo and a necklace.

You will need :
A Bead Spinner
Seed Beads
28 gauge or 26 gauge bead wire
Wire Cutters,
Coordinating bead for the center of the flower

Cut about 36 " of the wire and then make a hook with the end of the wire.  Turn on the bead spinner and place the hook in the beads, the end of the hook facing the wall of the bowl. The spinning beads will climb up the wire.  It might take a few tries to find the right spot before the beads slide on the wire.

You only need an inch and a half of beads for each petal.  Slide the beads down to the other end of the wire leaving about 5" of wire on the end.

Make a loop and then twist the end of the petal 2 or 3 time, Don't over twist because the wire will break.

Continue adding beads and petals.  Try to make the petals as close to each other as you can.

When you get closer to the end of the wire, stop, you want about 5" left on the end.

You need at least 12 petals this one had 14.
Now holding one end of the wire take the other end and start wrapping the petals around the center wire. You don't have to get carried a way with the wrapping it is OK to wrap the whole thing around just a couple times.

Now grab the petals and twist them around while holding the ends of the wire.

Now cut a 4" strand of wire and thread the bead for the center.  Bend the wire as shown.
Push the ends of the wire threw the center of the flower.

Hold all the wires in your hand and twist together.  Trim the end and use the wire cutters to bend the sharp ends of the wire inward so that they don't poke you when you are wearing it.

The last thing is to reshape any petals the got bent while all the twisting was going on. 
Have fun with it.


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