Monday, May 2, 2011

How to Sew a slip cover for your dog or cat collar

If you are like me, with no kids, you spoil your animals. I am very bad when it comes to our labs Jewel and Maizy. They get anything and everything they want! Oh well, Andrew and I love our girls. The cat, Sabrina who is 19, is very spoiled too! I love to spoil our girls when it comes to collars. Jewel gets so excited when the bin of collars comes out of the closet. Its their Jewelry, and what girl doesn't love jewelry! I got to the point of not wanting to spend $10 to $20 on a new collar every once in awhile for them. So I thought about making slip covers! It worked and the girls look so cute! So I hope you enjoy the tutorial. You could even make these out of scrap pieces and have different fabrics all on one.

How to Sew a Slip Cover for Your Dog or Cat Collar

 Supplies Needed
Sewing Sheers
Marking Pen
Sewing Machine
Iron & Iron Board
(Thats Maizy... Always wondering what I am making)

1. Measure the width of your collar, multiply that number by 4. Mine was 1" so 4 x 1" = 4", this is the width of your fabric. You can cut your length to how ever long you want, Mine was 44", and I love ruffles, so the more the merrier! Just make it long enough to  cover the collar.

2. Fold over the width and iron, this will be your hem. I usually do a 1/4" hem but you can do whatever you want. :)

3. Time to SEW! Just sew your hem down.

4. After you get your hem done, its time to iron again. Fold the length in half and have the right sides touching and iron. I don't use pins all the time, if you need to use them go for it. I short cut a lot :0)

5. Sew it all the way down to close. Don't forget to seal your stitching, back stitch.

6. Now you need to turn your "tube" inside out. There are different ways to do this. I  know you can use a safety pin, but this is how I do it. I like to fold the ends down and stick my finger in and make a hook and pull up and pull down with my other hand. (hopefully that made sense)

This is how your would start feeding the safety pin up.

This is how I do it with my finger.

7. Start puttin your collar inside the slip cover. Adjust the fabric to how you would like it.

Ta Da! You are done!

Here are my models in their slip covers; Jewel is wearing the cheetah collar an Maizy is in the blue collar.

If you have any questions leave a comment.


If you make one please share it on our Flickr group. We love seeing what everyone makes!


  1. Our two pups are now sporting Christmas collars. Thanks for the tutorial!

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