Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to sew a pair of pants from a t-shirt (re-purposing and/or dollar store craft)

I love sweatpants, so this is a fun way to have new pants.

Supplies Needed
  • 2 T-shits; 1 t-shirt for the pants and 1 t-shirt for the waist band
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • 1" elastic 
  • Iron and Ironing board

First cut the sleeves off your shirt right at the seam.

Next cut the top off (shoulders and neck). You also want to measure around your thigh ( at the thickest part), Mine was 20". Measure right under the arm pits of your shirt across the front. Make sure this measurement is the same as your thigh measurement. (if your thigh measurement is bigger than the width of the shirt you will have to make changes to the shirt or get a bigger shirt) I didn't have to make any changes to the sides of my shirt, I just went ahead and cut up both sides of the shirt. If you need to do an adjustments this is when you will want to do that.

Now you will want to measure the armpit of the shirt as you can see mine was 6 1/2". You will want to determine your crotch seam for this. If you need it to be longer, you can add length when we get to the waist band. If you want it to be shorter go ahead and trim from the top.

Now fold the top of your shirt in half, with right sides together, and iron. We are going to get ready and sew our first leg!

Start at the bottom of the armpit and sew all the way down to the bottom, to make your inseam. Repeat the same thing with the other half, (the back of the shirt).

Take both legs and turn one of them right side out. Place one leg inside the other. You want both legs right sides together.

Sew your legs together by following the "U" shape all the way around.

This is where you will see your pants! Now its time to start the waist band.

Take your other shirt and determine how many inches more you are going to need from the crotch area to your waist. Mine was about 3" so I cut the bottom of my other shirt 6" wide.

Fold the shirt in half and iron. Wrong sides together.

Pin the band onto the pants with the cut ends touching the top of the pants. Don't sew the band shut, we still need to add the elastic.

Take your elastic around your waist and determine what is comfortable to you. Add and inch for sewing.

Feed the elastic through the band. Pull both ends out together and pin to keep in place.

Now take your elastic and the end of the waist band and sew them together. I did a straight stitch and then a zigzag.

Trim the extra off.

Ta Da, you know have a new pair of fun pants!!!

I love mine!

If you make one please share it on our Flickr group. We love seeing what everyone makes!

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