Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to our blog, this is our first post!

April 3, 2011.  The day we opened our Etsy store.  We were so excited to see our stuff up on line with our labels on each one of our things. What a cool feeling. But then came the wondering of when will we make our first sale.  Then it happened, Someone bought a headband from us.  So the Etsy addiction started,  like all good addictions we anxiously waited for the next fix. 

When the next sale came...

Rose was highlighting my hair, I (Heather) heard my phone go ding. (I have it set up to recieve our emails directly to my phone) I ran to look at it and on the way I heard another ding. I look at the email and all I could  say was Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! Rose was like ummm what's wrong Heather what's wrong. Just a minute I can't beilieve it! What What What!!! We got a sale! Sure enough the second ding was the payment confirmation. We were running around the house screaming and just being overly excited. I went and ran to the computer and checked to see exactly what headband we just sold. It was the one I just listed and hour ago! We sold it so quick, so that was even more of a shocker. Next thing I knew I turned around and Rose was shaking her oldest daughter's hand high in the air saying "Evelyn give mommy a high five we just had a sale!" I got so excited even more I ran to the front room and litterly scared Robert, her son, who was sitting on the couch, I said Robert! Robert! (while jiggley him too) we got a sale! His eyes were so big and a look that said "what the heck, you crazy person?!" on his face.

Then it was, who can we tell that would be happy for us and understand our joy. The boys were both at work so we really couldn't get a hold of them even if we tried. So the one only person we could think of was our dear friend Mary Beth! So I called her and told her everything and the only thing she could ask, saying sarcastily, was are you drinking already this morning, its only 11am! I then texted to Andrew to let him know and he let Joe know and they were both really happy for us. We were so happy, laughing and all giddy we couldn't get anything out of our mouths to sound right!

Our men have supported us so much with all of our ideas, they have even thrown in their own. We can't thank them enough for all the support, love and putting up with us when don't get the house clean for a week. :0)
Thanks so much Joe & Andrew!!!

So now we start our blog to share all the ideas and thoughts we have regarding crafting, kids, pets and whatever else pops into our heads.
Please follow us to keep up with us on all the adventures we plan to take as we go day by day.

Rose & Heather

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  1. Good luck with your new blog! It's such a fun hobby to have! It's looking great so far, so keep up the good work!


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